This is what a carrot field looks like prior to harvest.




    Different models of combines are used to harvest carrots. This one you see here is pulled by a tractor, but there are others that are self-propelled.

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    Two people are needed for harvesting, one to drive the tractor and the other inside the combine cabin, adjusting the height of the head that collects the carrots. This head consists of two parallel rubber belts that pull out the carrots by the leaves, as you can see in the image.

  • Once the carrots have been harvested, the leaves are cut off, releasing them from the rubber belts so they fall onto a conveyor that carries them into large sacks or boxes.

  • When the two sacks that the combine can carry are full, it leaves them on the ground and two empty sacks are attached to it. The full sacks are now ready to be loaded onto the lorry.